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9Convert helps convert Youtube videos to Mp3, Mp4, etc formats online for free and then download to your mobile or desktop

If you cannot find video using search, - copy its URL from Youtube and insert here.
To avoid copy-paste step of the process, you need to use video search or the bookmarklet.
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How to convert Youtube video to Mp3 using 9Convert?

Youtube Converter & Downloader online

We present new 9Convert, it is a mightly Youtube Converter, some even claim that it's the best one on the Internet. We are not going to disprove that, it is definitely a top Youtube video to MP3 and MP4 converter online. Just check out all the amazing features we're highlighting below: unlimited downloads, built-in video search, many conversion formats, https-secure browsing, converted file downloads directly to cloud storage, and many many other little classic functions and rather big innovations as well. Try 9Convert, you will definitely love our website and the app.

Supported many different media formats

9Convert easily supports Mp4, Mp3 and other available formats. Where possible, we suggest using M4a for audio file format, because it is a deeper, nicer sounding version. M4a is simply cooler than MP3, but it's not so widely used, we will change that with time.. Otherwise we try to pass all the formats that are offered for download on each online video. And all this without any additional software or browser plugins. Enjoy the app! Keep in mind, what we offer below is not additional software or plugins, although it may seem so.


FAQ - Questions & Answers

Can I convert Youtube video to Mp3 or Mp4?

Yes, both Mp4 and Mp3 formats are supported by 9Convert Youtube converter. As well as a dozen of other popular formats and containers.

How to convert Youtube videos the easiest?

  1. It is extremely easy to copy video link to clipboard.
  2. Visit 9convert and insert video link, hit Download.
  3. Now select format and size, and go ahead, download file.

Can you convert video playlist from Youtube?

Yes, we handle well Youtube video playlists, just copy whole playlist link instead of video link, and the rest of the process is easy to handle.

Does Yt converter support other video sources?

Yes, be that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Rutube,, Vkontakte, Twitch, Aparat, Soundcloud, even Reddit, - we can help convert video and download.

Does this app work on an Android device or an iPhone?

Yes, it works exactly same, just you need to copy URL and insert it into the form by using tap-and-hold technique that pulls up context menu, where you can select copy and paste options easily.

Where do those files download to on my device?

The easy way to locate the earlier downloaded MP4 and MP3 files would be going into browser's menu and finding 'Downloads' option and then clicking it.

Yt Converter web app

Add to Home Screen

Youtube Converter web app is basically this website wrapped in your favorite Internet browser and exit dead-bolted so to make it all look like it's a native one from your app store.. It is a great practice, app doesn't need updates all of its lifetime, doesn't occupy any storage on your device, just a perfect app, IONSHO (in our not-so-humble opinion 😇)..

Bookmarklet = shortcut

Download Mp4

Shortcuts work in a curious way. If you drag this one to your bookmarks section in the browser (to preserve it and use later), and then press it while watching Youtube video, - it will grab the video link and send it along with you to 9convert, thus having you here and video link auto-pasted into the form. This method allows you to avoid the copy-paste step.